Whether you suffer an injury in a car accident or in some other way, you may not always feel it, at least not at first. This is very common after any sort of traumatic experience, because your body is often flooded with a rush of adrenaline, and because the injury is not yet infected or worsened. However, once the injury does cause pain, it is usually much worse and may cause serious health complications or even death.

After you experience a car accident, or slip and fall, it is always wise to seek out a full medical examination from a professional medical care provider. This small effort to care for yourself may not only save your life, it can also serve as a strong basis for a personal injury claim in the future if you do identify an injury.

Abdominal pain is always an emergency after an accident

If you receive an injury in your abdomen, it may not feel like you have an injury at all until it is almost too late. If, for instance, one of your organs suffers some damage, your body may simply try to heal it internally. Unfortunately, if your body cannot heal the damage by itself, the organ will fail, and once one organ fails, all organs will fail without immediate and careful intervention.

In the same way, a person who suffers an injury internally may have significant internal bleeding. Like external bleeding, too much blood loss can prove deadly, but that is not the only problem to consider. A very small injury may not cause much blood loss, but may easily grow an infection. Once the infection develops, it may spread through your bloodstream to the rest of your body, which is deadly and a very painful way to die.

Head injuries

A blow to the head is always something to take seriously. If you receive a very strong blow to the head in an accident, it is very likely that you also received a brain injury of some kind. The strong focus on traumatic brain injuries in contact sports over recent years highlights just how devastating these injuries are, and a car accident is often very similar to getting tackled by a hulking defensive lineman.

A blow to the head may encourage a stroke or an aneurism, and both may kill or seriously injure you with lasting effects. These injuries are not easy to identify or treat, so it is always important to receive prompt medical care as soon as you can after any accident, even if you don't remember hitting your head.

Leaving your injuries alone only gives them time to grow more destructive. Take care to keep yourself safe and secure by seeking out the care you need and building a strong injury claim that protects your rights and interests while you recover from your injuries and get back to your normal life.

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