It can be hard for Kentucky residents to come to terms with the fact that their marriage is coming to an end, and they will need to go through the divorce legal process. But, as our readers likely know, the common refrain is that about half of all marriages in America end in a divorce, so it is a fairly common experience. But, how will a divorce affect one's life?

A recent article tackled this issue, noting some of the hard-learned lessons that can occur in the divorce process. For starters, many people will - rightfully - focus on the issues that will need to be addressed in the divorce itself: property division, child support, alimony and child custody, among other issues. However, it is important not to lose focus of the end-goal, which is getting through the divorce and being free of the marriage. But, it can take some time to recover in post-divorce life, both mentally and financially.

In a post-divorce life, finances will likely be much different than they were during the marriage. These days, most households bring in two incomes -- one from each spouse. In a post-divorce life, one will probably be depending solely on their own income, so spending and saving habits will change.

Lastly, for those who have children, it is important to be mindful of how the divorce will affect them. If at all possible, the divorcing spouses should probably address sensitive questions and topics together, so that they are "on the same page" and the children are getting the same message from both of their parents. After all, a divorce does not sever the bounds between parents and children.

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