Not many people expect anything dramatic to happen when they go to a restaurant for a meal, but several people in a Denny's restaurant in Louisville got quite the surprise when an SUV slammed into the building, crashing through and injuring 10 people. An investigation into this incident is ongoing.

According to reports, the incident occurred on May 8 in the evening hours just before midnight. When the SUV slammed into the restaurant, it reportedly went about 10 feet deep into the building. The driver of the SUV was among the 10 people who were injured in this car crash. Fortunately, all of the individuals who were injured -- the driver, customers and Denny's employees -- are expected to survive. However, several of the injured victims required medical treatment and were transported to a hospital for care.

The initial reports did not have many details as to how this incident occurred. The Louisville Metro Police Department is investigating the incident. In general, however, when motor vehicle accidents occur -- whether it is due to intoxication, drowsiness, a medical issue or some other reason -- it is important to determine whether the driver is at fault for the car crash and the injuries and damages that resulted.

For injured car accident victims who pursue a personal injury lawsuit, one of the first steps is to prove that the person who caused the accident owed the victims a duty. Drivers owe a duty to everyone on the road to operate their vehicle correctly. But, there is much more to personal injury cases than that initial step, and any injured victim would likely benefit from getting the right information about their own unique circumstances.

Source:, "10 people hurt when car rammed into Denny's," Laurel Mallory, May 9, 2018

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