Brandenberg, Kentucky, sits right next to a body of water, the Ohio River, and there are many people in the Meade County and broader area around Louisville that are likely looking forward to traveling to one of Kentucky's many waterways in order to relax and have some fun as the weather gets warmer. Boating in particular is a great way to enjoy the upcoming months of late spring and summer.

Just as is the case with traveling on the road, however, those who choose to operate motorboats and other watercraft need to exercise appropriate care and caution. It is an unfortunate fact that each year, hundreds of people die in boating accidents, and thousands more get significantly hurt.

Like car accidents, alcohol is a huge factor when it comes to the cause of fatal accidents on this state's lakes, rivers and streams. In fact, according to one report, it is the leading contributing factor in deadly boating accidents. Other factors included speeding, inattentiveness or just inexperience on the part of the person who was operating the boat.

Those who get injured in a boating accident this spring and summer, or their families, may have legal options to pursue compensation if another boater caused the accident. This is particularly true if the operator of the other boat had been drinking and was thus not mentally or physically capable of driving a boat safely. People should be held accountable for this sort of criminal and irresponsible behavior, and the least they can do is help financially with their victims' recoveries.

A personal injury attorney can serve as a valuable resource to Kentucky families whose loved ones have been hurt in a boating accident and who need to get compensation for things like medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

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