Fatigued, drunk, distracted drivers won't be able to stop

Given their weight and the speeds at which they travel, it is difficult for even the most attentive driver who is from or passing through the Brandenburg, Kentucky, area to bring their vehicles to a safe and complete stop when they need to due to a sudden change in traffic or road conditions in front of them.

Quite simply, once the driver applies the brakes, he or she has relatively little control over how long it takes for his or her vehicle to stop. Given the principles of momentum and the car's weight, it is going to take about 245 feet, or around 80 yards, for an average-sized vehicle to come to a complete stop after the brakes are applied with the most force possible.

Claims injured victims might file after a Kentucky car accident

Car crash scenes can be devastating. There are often disabled vehicles, debris scattered on the roadway, and severely injured drivers and passengers in need of medical attention. 

Unfortunately, every car accident has the potential to cause serious damage to property and people. While insurance generally covers some of these expenses, you could be in a position to file a lawsuit seeking compensation. In this post, we will look at a couple types of claims that an injured accident victim might file after a crash.

4 ways to prepare your wallet for divorce

Divorce is never easy. Even if the only asset you and your husband own is your house in Brandenburg, you might still run into complications during the divorce process. If you handle some of these complications improperly, your divorce might cost you much more than it otherwise would have. Fortunately, a little bit of planning can go a long way.

By taking just a few steps to prepare, you can face your divorce and be ready for your new life. The following tips can help you prepare your finances for your divorce.

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