After a truck accident, ask for this evidence first

Recovering from a commercial truck accident is no small task, even if you are very lucky and only suffer moderate injuries and property damage. Not only can a commercial truck cause much more devastation than a consumer vehicle, it is often much more complicated to pursue a personal injury claim, because of the many parties potentially involved.

After any commercial truck accident, you must act quickly to keep your rights protected and avoid compounding any injuries. This may feel overwhelming, so don't hesitate to reach for the help you need, when you need it. First, it is very important that you seek a full medical examination from a qualified professional after any kind of accident, especially if it involves a commercial truck. This helps ensure that you do not suffer from delayed onset injuries that only cause pain when they worsen. The documentation you receive from this examination serves as a strong basis for a personal injury claim later on.

Can I claim my kids if they live with their other parent?

It is not too early for people in the area of Brandenburg, Kentucky, to start thinking about their taxes. This is particularly true for couples who have recently gone through a divorce or formal separation or who are planning to do so soon, as important disputes over taxes can emerge. Unmarried couples, particularly those who live in separate homes, may also need to think about tax-related issues as well.

One issue that affects couples of all walks of life and that relates to taxes is the issue of which parent gets to claim the children on his or her tax return.

When is a mistaken diagnosis medical malpractice?

Despite all the advancements in medical technology, the diagnosis of a patient's condition is still largely a matter of making an educated guess. The reality is that a doctor can only go off the information she has to make an informed diagnosis, and this information can be incomplete, misleading or ambiguous, all through no fault of the doctor.

However, although doctors in Kentucky have some leeway to make mistakes without being held liable, in other cases, a misdiagnosis of a patient's condition is in fact medical malpractice, and if it causes a patient harm, then it will mean that the patient has the right to pursue that doctor for compensation for her injuries.

With whom are distracted drivers texting?

As previous posts on this blog have discussed, texting and driving is never an acceptable activity on Kentucky's roads. Not only is it unlawful, it is also extremely dangerous behavior that can leave a Brandenburg resident permanently injured or even dead as the result of a car accident.

One might still wonder with whom distracted drivers are texting or otherwise communicating, and exactly what is so important that it justifies taking one's mind and even eyes off of the road in front of them. The answer is surprising and, frankly, somewhat telling about the state of our society.

Watch out for distracted drivers this summer

According to a recent report, the frequency of texting and driving increases markedly during the summer months.

The report examined the behavior of 20,000 drivers over a year and a half and noted that incidents of distracted driving are about 10 percent higher in June, July, and August, relative to other times of the year. On the whole, about 40 percent of summer drivers are traveling distracted for 15 minutes of every hour that they drive.

Your delayed pain injury may be deadly

Whether you suffer an injury in a car accident or in some other way, you may not always feel it, at least not at first. This is very common after any sort of traumatic experience, because your body is often flooded with a rush of adrenaline, and because the injury is not yet infected or worsened. However, once the injury does cause pain, it is usually much worse and may cause serious health complications or even death.

After you experience a car accident, or slip and fall, it is always wise to seek out a full medical examination from a professional medical care provider. This small effort to care for yourself may not only save your life, it can also serve as a strong basis for a personal injury claim in the future if you do identify an injury.

How will a divorce affect one's life?

It can be hard for Kentucky residents to come to terms with the fact that their marriage is coming to an end, and they will need to go through the divorce legal process. But, as our readers likely know, the common refrain is that about half of all marriages in America end in a divorce, so it is a fairly common experience. But, how will a divorce affect one's life?

A recent article tackled this issue, noting some of the hard-learned lessons that can occur in the divorce process. For starters, many people will - rightfully - focus on the issues that will need to be addressed in the divorce itself: property division, child support, alimony and child custody, among other issues. However, it is important not to lose focus of the end-goal, which is getting through the divorce and being free of the marriage. But, it can take some time to recover in post-divorce life, both mentally and financially.

The right approach to a child custody dispute

Kentucky residents who are going through a divorce may face many thorny issues, but perhaps, none more so than the issue of child custody. Parents are obviously, and rightly, passionate about how the divorce will impact their children and their ability to spend time with their children post-divorce. Many parents are ready to fight until the bitter end. However, with the right approach, a child custody dispute could be resolved in the best interests of all parties involved.

First, it is important to realize that a family law court can and will take many different factors into account when deciding the issue of child custody. Decisions need to be made about who will have the primary decision-making power when it comes to issues, such as religion, schooling and healthcare, or if the parties will share this power equally. The court may also need to decide if the children with live primarily with one parent over the other, and thereby grant the "non-custodial" parent a parenting schedule.

Could a birth injury be caused by medical malpractice?

An incident involving medical malpractice can be devastating for any Kentucky resident, but just think of how shocking and depressing it can be for a young family welcoming a baby. Many people probably do not think of birth injuries when they think of medical malpractice, but can these incidents fall under the umbrella of medical malpractice too?

In short, the answer is, "yes." Many birth injuries are entirely preventable, with the right care. Some pregnant women experience health problems related to the pregnancy, which may affect the baby during the gestation period. If these health problems go undetected or untreated due to the negligence of the woman's doctor, any resultant problems for the baby may lead to a valid medical malpractice claim.

Know what will actually happen in a divorce

Divorce is one of the areas of the law that many people are acquainted with, unlike many other areas of legal practice. The common refrain is that almost half of all marriages in America end in a divorce, so many people have personal experience with the divorce process or know someone who has been through a divorce. But, no matter how common divorce is, it is important to understand what actually happens in a divorce.

First, our readers should realize that every divorce case is different. Different family situations lead to different divorce preferences, which leads to different end results. However, there are some common themes in most divorces cases. For instance, every divorce will need to address the concept of property division, in which the couple divides their assets and debts between themselves for life after the divorce.

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