One of the most pressing questions divorcing parents ask is, "Who gets custody of the children?" If you are pursuing an uncontested divorce, you are able to decide on custody rights and schedules, though court must approve of the arrangement. However, as uncontested divorce is not possible in every case, court may end up deciding your custody rights.

How Is Custody Divided?

In Kentucky, as in other states, custody is determined based on the best interests of the child. A few of the factors court will consider include:

  • Parenting abilities
  • Child's relationship to each parent
  • Location relative to school
  • Child's wishes
  • History of domestic abuse

Oftentimes, one parent is given sole physical custody while the other has visitation rights to see their children on specified days. Court can also award joint custody and set a schedule for when each parent is responsible for the children. It is very common for parents to have joint decision-making power such as where the children will attend school, which doctor they will see and other matters.

Kentucky also considers grandparents' rights. We can help you secure the right to spend time with your grandchildren.

Let A Family Law Lawyer Guide You

Attorney Darren A. Sipes has helped many clients going through divorce to pursue custody rights of their children. With his knowledge of mediation, he is able to negotiate agreeable custody terms or to guide you through the court process when necessary.

If you have concerns about child custody, feel free to email us or call 502-378-5587 to request a free consultation. From our office in Brandenburg, we work with clients throughout North Central Kentucky.