Any family matter is highly personal and complicated. It can be difficult to sort out an issue when emotions run high and you are under significant stress. Whether you are filing for divorce or preparing for a child adoption, it is essential to consult a lawyer on how to pursue a positive outcome.

Seeking The Right Solutions For Every Client

We provide a variety of solutions to family law issues. Attorney Darren A. Sipes has extensive experience in mediation. He understands how to approach uncontested divorce and what steps to take when an uncontested divorce is not a viable solution. We have also helped many couples through the adoption process.

Many couples find benefits to uncontested divorce so we can explore this option before moving to other methods of resolution if needed. We will take time to discuss your needs and address all concerns such as property division, child custody and child support payments.

Serving Families Of Our Community

Our firm has been established in this community for more than two decades. We call this place home. We care about each and every person that walks through our door, especially when they are facing stressful family situations that could impact their whole lives. We strive to provide excellent, trustworthy service to all of our clients.

With so much on your mind, you need someone who can handle your legal matters while you focus on your own well-being and responsibilities. We offer free consultations so we encourage you to contact us online or call 502-378-5587 if you are facing any family law issue.

We are located in Brandenburg and serve all of North Central Kentucky.