Being charged with a criminal offense is a scary situation. A conviction could change your entire life, especially if you face jail time, significant fines and are stuck with a criminal record that impacts your future. In these situations, the sooner you have a criminal defense lawyer defending you, the better. It is possible to reduce or drop the charges you are facing with the right help on your side.

Handling All Types Of Criminal Cases

Attorney Darren A. Sipes can assist you with any misdemeanor or felony case you are facing. As Darren grew up in the area and has practiced law for over 20 years, he has a deep understanding of the community and the challenges people face.

DUIs are especially prevalent in this part of Kentucky. A DUI could not only result in criminal penalties but also in suspension of your driver's license. This could severely impact your ability to get to work, drive your kids to school or other important matters. We can help defend you from these consequences.

Out-Of-State DUIs

We see many clients from out of state end up with DUI charges here. Out-of-state DUIs can be even more complicated than others, especially if your license was revoked by Kentucky authorities. We can get you on the right path to fighting your charges and regaining your driver's license.

Get The Legal Help You Need

We are prepared to guide you through any situation. You can request a free consultation by contacting us online or calling our office at 502-378-5587. We are located in Brandenburg and work throughout North Central Kentucky.